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  • Learn basics of Spoken English for Free in Our Group

  • NLRC Spoken English Self-Study Training kit is developed by Dr. K. S. Jayakumar, PhD. This is very new method of self-study spoken English training in Tamil and without grammar.


NLRC is Natural Language Research Center, which focuses on modeling the language learning process for human and computer. NLRC is not only committed to the language research but also in the research areas of Robotics, Autonomous Machines, Green Energy Production, Organic Farming and Technologies for Pollution Free Environment. NLRC is more committed to converting research ideas into useful products for the society.

Many students in our country study mainly for getting qualifications but not the knowledge and skill. In schools, it is still getting worse and it focuses on how to make the students to score more marks. The only way to score more marks is to memorize the text book contents without understanding. As a result, when the student goes to college, he/she tries the same method of memorizing text books. But, the college education is meant for understanding the concepts and acquiring skills. The acquired skills should be converted into useful products that should serve our society. As a result, the living standard of the society will improve and then our country will become a developed country. The growth of our country economy does not lie in the money that we have but the knowledge and skill we get through our education.

As a starting point to this, NLRC started a spoken English to educate English knowledge to our students. The main purpose of NLRC spoken English is not that everyone should speak English fluently. But, the main aim is everyone should know English and should understand the latest inventions and technologies. Then, from that everyone should develop the new technologies to improve the welfare of our society. With this intention, NLRC has been started on August’ 2008.

Mission Statement: Vision Statement:
  • To make everyone to be a good communicator
  • To share the knowledge
  • To convert the knowledge into useful products
  • To create future leaders to serve our society

NLRC Founder and Chairman:

Dr. K. S. Jayakumar, PhD, is a founder & chairman of NLRC and Its Spoken English. He was born and brought up in Selliamman Nagar, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate. He received master’s degree and doctorate degree from IIT Delhi and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore respectively. He has five years of teaching and research experience in Indian and foreign universities. His research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Language Research and Organic Farming

Why NLRC Spoken English?

NLRC is Natural Language Research Center, which focuses on modeling the language learning process for human and computer.

Spoken English has been taught in India for more than 50 years in schools, colleges, etc. Still, students feel that they have difficulty to speak English fluently.NLRC Spoken English lists out the problems (.pdf) that prevent you speaking English fluently.

There is only one key thing that nobody has taught to us in Spoken English Training. Even nobody in the world did so. What is that key thing in Spoken English Training? The answer is Sentence Pattern Method (SPM). For more details, please read our PowerPoint slides of Spoken English Training.

SPM is not a new method. It has been used in Computational Linguistics since 1980 to make the computers to learn and understand the English. The big surprise is that nobody has used SPM for human language learning. That is, nobody used SPM for Spoken English Training.

Dr. K. S. Jayakumar, Founder and Chairman of NLRC Spoken English, is the first one who successfully applied the SPM method to Spoken English Training.

Advantages of Sentence Pattern Method (SPM) in Spoken English Training are:

  • Spoken English training does not need English grammar
  • Spoken English training is given in Tamil. It is very easy to understand
  • Self-Study training is sufficient to be fluent in Spoken English
So far, the missing thing in the history of spoken English training is Sentence Pattern Method (SPM). We train you spoken English by Sentence Pattern Method in Tamil and without Grammar.